Saturday, 9 January 2016

Diary of a creative person: day 5

Working at Spontaneity

Marc forces himself to be spontaneous. Whilst walking and thinking about a project he will stop to quickly sketch his ideas and inspirations, intentionally limiting his sketching to thirty seconds or so. He does this to hold back the influence of his rational, critical thoughts and release his initial intuitions and feelings, so enabling them to fill his mind, flow onto the paper and form new insights, directions or approaches.

As has already been stated above, we are all good at thinking logically about things. It is what we have been educated and trained to do. More specifically, we are all good at thinking critically, sorting out what is right or wrong or good or bad and making decisions for or against something. In fact, this type of rational thinking is so ingrained within us it becomes our default way of dealing with the world: we judge before we reflect; we select before we explore; we can even decide before we discuss.

So to enhance our creativity we need to force our intuition to the front of our minds, putting it alongside, and occasionally just ahead of, our rational thoughts.

Develop the habit of looking for not only what is good or bad but also what is interesting: those things that for some unknown reason have caught your attention and you find intriguing (perhaps use de Bono's PMI Thinking Technique). Keep a note pad beside your  bed and with you at all times and immediately write down ideas and insights that occur to you without judging them. When you need to do something that involves some creative thought just start physically doing something rather than continuing to think about it.

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